1985 Chevy S10 Blazer

Stock options:
  • Stock 2.8 V-6
  • Automatic 4x4
  • Tahoe Package
  • Only 63,000 original miles!!
Custom performance options:
  • Your joking right? I bought this so I could actually get out of the driveway in the winter! Sports Cars and snow do NOT mix.
  • Tranny upgraded to 1992 and shift kit added.
Custom "eye candy" options:

None yet...

Custom extras:
  • Alpine CD player with 2 - Rockford 10" Fosgate Punch Subs
  • More Coming Soon!
Immediate add-ons needed:
  • New Door and Window seals
  • Routine Maintance for better performance and gas mileage.
Future plans:
  • Tinted Windows
  • Custom Dash
  • Wheels (wider tires?)
  • 3" lift??

Follow this link to see how I ended up getting mud on my Blazer.

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