This corporate building was built exclusively in Photoshop 4.0. With over 25 layers on an 11X17 image at 300dpi, this took every bit of the 96 megs of RAM I had at the time. I never actually counted the guides I used for perspective but, I estimate over 200 were used and deleted throughout the building process. Many people ask about the truck....I built the truck from a model kit. I painted it, built it, added custom signage, photographed in a studio with a digital camera, then of course touched it up in Photoshop. Drop me a line and let me know if the 3-D to 2-D effect was successful or not.

This was an early stage project for my church. The plan is to build a gymnasium onto to our church to help it grow. I was given a few pictures of the church and some CAD drawings. This comp. which is 11X17 @ 300 dpi. was to help show the members what they could expect. I actually made this a piece at a time and used the CAD drawing as a guide. Once they seen the difference of the roof angle compared to the porch of the original structure, it showed the members that the angle's just didn't look right. New drawings were made and fixed this small problem.
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