Here is the cover to the cd "Salvage" for fourfifty-six. Quite a bit of retouching went into this picture. On the actual cover if you look close in the chrome centered on the bumper you can see the bands name "hidden".
The cd shown above is a very poor scan of the actual printed cd. To relate with the cover it was created to resemble the headlight of the car. It views much better in real life when you can see the different color in the reflections.

This is the template file that was sent to the printer Oasis CD. This was my first real design that wasn't going to printed on paper. The effect I was going for came out quite nice on the real product.
One color was what the band could afford. They were very big on a plain design. So much that they only wanted text on the lyrics page. No graphics at all. VERY BORING! I made the image you see above and they loved it. How exciting, I thought to myself

Oasis CD was easy to get a hold of, nice to talk to, very helpful, and best of all a great place for a newbie like I was at the time. It's funny, now I don't even know how many print jobs I have worked on.

This photo had again lots of touch up. I thought it was a very nice layout for the photo. The printer said the biggest correction they make money on is the little title edges that bend up in the tray. You'll be happy to know this cd had no corrections.
Some of you may have guessed, this was my very first print job. What glory did I get? Experience. No money....just experience. That and a promise from the band they would never forget me for volunteering. I have heard they recently got a contract. I'm still waiting for the phone call.
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