All of the ads on this page were designed and built for Flying Magazine. One of the largest magazines in the aviation industry.
(Flying magazine is also one of the toughest to please when submitting digital artwork.)
Please note the consistency in color for reader recognition.
Below is Control Vision's newest attempt at a small company keeping a current catalog. While our first ever catalog was a huge success, there were many problems with price and product changes. After much consideration I designed a company "folder" that could be used for Sales and Marketing as both a product catalog and a Press Kit. It worked out very nicely, and is continued today.
Here is just one example of a sales insert sheet. Many sheets were printed front and back and could be changed at any time.
Below you will find Control Vision's first Billboard. This was created for Sun 'n Fun 2003 in Florida.

Next are samples of software CD designs for Control Vision.

Below is the software installation menu when you first put in the Anywhere Map CD.

Below are two screens from the CD tutorial on the same CD.

If interested I do have a quick sample of the freelance work I'm doing for Pacific Coast Cycle.
Slim Line Grip package design
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