This is a background design for the sports during the news. The sportscaster would be on the left while over the shoulder graphics would be viewed on the right along with scores. This design never went live as an entirely new set was built.
This background was used for the 6 & 10 news-cast daily to show the days stock levels. The numbers racing along the right are all phone numbers of friends and family. KSN pulled this off the air when they tried to hire me back and read this very page! oops
The original backgroundof this image was designed by Ellen an extremely talented designer I met while working at KSN. To help learn more about After Effects, I rebuilt the design from scratch and animated it. This one was for Chief Meteroligist Jeff Wellborn. This screen was a glowing, breathing, animated sequence. Accompanied by the X-Files theme it served as a nightly trivia questionbackground for viewers.
The above clock was a quick demonstration of what Photoshop was capable of. This 20 min. project was and still is used in a variety of graphics on the news. Incoporated into backgrounds and cropped for over the shoulder graphics.
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