This logo design was for the MSSC's chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artist. Called "Southern Concepts". Designed as a two color logo for reducing cost on t-shirts, letterhead, ads, etc. (Design was only a comp.)
My own custom logo design for the Xoom.com art community web ring. Which seems to have disappeared as the web ring leader is not responding to any of the members email. This image was designed for black backgrounds and was added to the Xoom.com gallery.

A class project, this logo was designed for a company that sold digital phones to people on the go. "Busy phones, for busy people." Maybe a little cheesy, but I thought it was pretty kewl. LOL
My own custom logo design for a christian t-shirt line I was considering to start.

A quickie for a friend of mine. Nope not related, but a friend none the less. This was featured on his opening page.
My first online business www.picturesntime.com was a joint venture that a friend of mine "Aerohead" and I started. It was alot of work for both of us, but successful none the less.

Another class project, this logo was developed for kitchenware. Everything from dishes to chef hats. The name "Kit Shenn" was already preselected by the instructor. You should have seen the wide variety of ideas. You can see the home officeI designed in the building design section of my gallery.
Surprise! Another class assignment. This one entailed a CD for a band. I chose "Rapture and Grace" as my band name. From the logo a complete cd package was designed along with matching long sleeve shirt and car sticker. All was packaged together to be sold as a set to fans.

My very first logo design. I had just started using Photoshop 3.0 and thought it was the most amazing software on the planet. I look back and laugh at how technology has changed and how terrible my design skills were. I hope you will agree I'm at least better. :)
When I built the cd for "fourfifty-six" I had to come up with a 4 color CMYK logo for the printers. With about 5 minutes to play, this is what I created. As with the my first logo it wasn't designed well. Neither could be used effective in less than full color applications.

Yup, class project. An internet java house was the idea. I know, I know I almost didn't post this logo because of it's emphasis on PeeCee usage and the net. If you couldn't tell already, I'm a designer. I work mainly with a Mac as most do. I do occasionally use a PeeCee. You heard me.... I said occasionally.
This was a comp. idea for a local country band. I actually made about 7 different designs for them to choose from. But, a recent HD failure lost about 10 gig worth of information. So my favorite logo, the one that tooks several hours to make is gone. (sigh) Should have bought that Mac drive instead.
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