This picture was taken by a friend of mine. I did quite a bit of touch up, added some colored contacts in their eyes, dropped in a scanned image of a guitar and there you have it.
Created as a two color t-shirt design for Southern Concepts - The MSSC chapter of the AIGA. I thought the font went well with the overall feeling of a graphics club. However, we didn't end up making t-shirts that year.

A cover for an art history paper, this image was created from Daumier's last photograph, first drawing of him, and of course on of his own drawings in the background.
Starting with the logo design, then adding the cross, the unique color scheme is actually just a simple inverse of a waterfall. The vivid greenery made the pinks, and blues. While, the water created the brown marbling effect.

I took this photo of one of the professor's at school, then dropped out the background. Applying a "few" photoshop filters, I ended up with a nice 8.5 x 11 poster.
Starting with a simple line drawing, using photoshop entirely, I "spiced" one of the campus club's logo. The Criminal Justice Honors Society.

Starting with a prairie dog, I made this interesting little creature. The story behind this "cute" rat is a little too long to explain now. You can email for the full one though. Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!
One of the few examples I have of my drawing skills. Using a black pen and white sketch paper, I needed some high contrast to scan. I then colorized the are in photoshop. The mouse and the trap are seperate images. The rest of the trap is actually behind the mouse.

I designed and built these model trucks. I took seperate photos of them with a digital camera and combined the two into one picture. This had to be done to get the scaling of the two a little closer. The background was seperated and inversed, the shadow of the mini truck was airbrushed in. I was hoping to capture the essence of the truck style for the overall effect.
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